Visiting Clementine’s is an enjoyable experience! Judi, the owner, is incredibly helpful and talented at putting together clothing and accessories. I don’t like to spend time shopping, so it is a real joy to walk in and have Judi pull together various options to try on. I also appreciate her honesty in terms of whether something “works” or doesn’t! It is such a treat to get Judi’s personal attention and knowledge and eye — I can’t think of another women’s apparel store that comes even close to this.
— Jenn C., Concord MA

Clementine is the best women’s clothing boutique in the Boston area. The owner, Judi, has an exceptional eye for beautiful, interesting clothing. Her shop is cozy and inviting, making it a pleasure to browse or shop. Since discovering Clementine, I rarely shop anywhere else. Judi provides incredible personal service and will help you find an outfit that is great on you for any occasion – work, play or a special event. She’ll even help you spruce up old favorites from your closet. If you have not yet been in Clementine, go! You will be happy you did.
— Leslie F., Wellesley, MA

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